Monday, May 14, 2012

With the prospect of meeting my buddy Ben from Prescription Trout in Alaska this fall, and working our way down through BC Steelheading, I've begun to tie some full sized Intruder style flies. I have tied 6 so far, and let me tell you they are actually fun to tie. Yes your tying desk, adjacent rooms, hallways, clothes and friends get covered in flash and marabou, but once you swim them around in the bath tub its totally worth it.
 Full sized "Comanche" aka "Prom Date"
My Buddy Tim and I hit the road to fish to fish who would eat big bugs. The water was very skinny but the fish had no problem crushing large stoneflies.
 The spotting pattern on this Brown is like nothing that I have ever seen
Surprise surprise 21 inch bow in skinny water. This fish made Timmy's day, and was a lesson on why fishing upstream on water like this is important. Timmy most likely will be living in Anchorage next year playing Pro Hockey, so this Bow might be a baby compared to what he will be seeing, But what a trophy for this day.


  1. is that true about timmy? make sure you link us up. I'll get him on the water. Aces?

    1. yea the aces, he played with them at the end of the season, and thru playoffs. If they keep the same coach he'll be back