Monday, April 30, 2012

A month's worth of stuff

 Dungeons (Shea thanks for the motivation)

This is a ledge in Cheesman my brother slipped off and luckily didn't die. Its 30 feet above the water. Those are his slip marks. He ended up with a concussion, and had to walk out 4 miles soaked and delirious. Moral of this story, there is no need to make fly fishing dangerous or extreme, put studs in your boots, no fish (even a dirty thirty) is worth getting injured for, and try not to fish Cheesman alone.

 Yes this fish was shimmering green. I have never seen a rainbow colored like this

 Elevenmile Reservoir scud. Carpies love these (Tying this on a Gama C12U might make sense...)
 Hopper action In April. I think they think its one of those obnoxious moths
My mom rippin lips on the ark

 Protein Shake with newest adjustments
Shea's Splatte Caddis Roller, and a Splatte inspired Drake nymph

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Comanche

A Spey fly I tied as a gift that turned out really well. It is in the intruder style, but not exactly an intruder. When I tied it, it told me it was a Comanche. There is not a doubt in my mind that this fly would slay in the pacific northwest in the right conditions. Because i want to kill it myself

Material list

hook shank: TMC 765SP size 2 or 4

stinger: Gamakatsu Octopus  size 4 Red, attached to 20lb dacron backing

dubbing: Ice Dub UV Pink

rear skirt: Red Pheasant tail fibers, Pink burnt spey hackle fibers, red marabou

rear collar: black ostrich herl

rib: red crystal flash, red small copper wire, copper MIDGE-BODI (spirit river)

front skirt: pink burnt spey hackle,  red pheasant tail fibers, purple Strung Guinea feathers, red crystal flash, red fluoro fiber

wings: black dry fly hackle size 16

eyes: jungle cock feathers

thread: red UTC 70 ultra thread

Monday, April 2, 2012

Cornerstone Creek Nets

Cornerstone Creek nets is a quality handmade net company, run by my friend and fellow angler Brandon Lenderink. His website is  The reason I am posting on his company is my repaired net just came back (Brandon actually made me a completely new net, even more durable than my first to deal with all the bumps and bruises). Brandon is incredibly creative, and helped me design the perfect net for my needs, but also has many stock models. The difference between Brandon's nets and Brodin (or any other mass producing company) is that I know Brandon, I helped design the net, I fish with Brandon, swap fishing reports with him,  and even got to see how he makes them. As well his craftsmanship is beautiful.

The new net doing work on this ruddered female