Monday, January 17, 2011

Creations of Jon Kleis

Below are two solid winter midge creations of Angler's Covey Guide Jon Kleis.

The "Red Zone" Midge
hook: size 22-26  Tiemco 2487 or 2488
body: red 8/0 uni-thread
hackle: two turns red peacock herl 

Kleis's "Mojo Midge"

hook: size 22-24 Tiemco 2488
bead: xs mercury bead
body:  micro tubing
thorax: superfine dubbing
base thread: 8/0 10/0 uni-thread or 14/0 sheer
wing: green crystal flash

more colors...

Variation on Charlie Craven's Two Bit Hooker

The two bit hooker was tied in response to Mike Mercer's Micro Mayfly, to make a more anatomically correct mayfly imitation that could get to the bottom quickly

Two Bit Microtubule PT 

hook: size 12-24 Tiemco 100 or 101
tails: 4 pheasant tails
abdomen: tan microtubing 
wingcase: pheasant tails
legs: pheasant tails
thorax: tungsten bead fit to hook covered in dark brown 8/0 tying thread
head: tungsten bead fit to hook

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