Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On the river 2011

Following a few days of cold weather, Deckers was the destination to try out a few patterns I have seen recently and tried to tie:


This fly is the creation of experienced guide Marla Blair out of Connecticut. The fly is a mainstay in her box everywhere she goes. I have found it very successful on the Swift River (Belchertown, MA) and on the Farmington River, CT. Here is a link to her website http://www.marlablair.com/. Its a simple fly to tie
Hook: Any scud hook down eye (i.e. Tiemco 2487) size 14-20
Rib: Red 6/0 Uni-thread
Dubbing: Olive (pictured Superfine BWO)
Wingcase: 2mm closed cell foam white

Pink Flexi-Floss Worm

New worm pattern using flexi-floss material commonly seen in the legs of the Pat's Rubberlegs.
Excited to try it on migratory trout this spring.

Ramirez's Floss Back Emerger

This is a fairly new pattern of Juan Ramirez from the Hopper Juan Blog. Here is a video link on how to tie it on Juan's Blog, Floss Back Emerger.

Unfortunately, the only pattern to produce a fish was the worm, but Pat Dorsey's Top Secret Midge made up for it.

Deckers 177 cfs 32-36 degrees


  1. Charlie-

    are you wrapping the pink flexi-floss forward as a body on the worm, or just covering the whole strand with thread? Also, for the middle segment, are you jus ding a little bit of red thread?

    Sweet looking pattern!

  2. Jake, its a dream stream spring spawn go to of mine. pink thread wrapped over floss. middle is flash, then red 70 denier wrapped over middle of flash. hard part is finding right color of flexifloss or spanflex

  3. Charlie-

    I bet the thing moves in the water like no other worm pattern out there. No wonder it is a favorite of yours! And yeah, I haven't been able to find it anywhere close to me so far...maybe charlie's fly box will have it.


  4. Also, What size do you like to tie it in?

  5. Jake, 12-18. obviously shape of the hook is most important as well