Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Day, Another Chance

"another day, another chance..."

After an exhausting day on Charlie Meyers SWA, we hit Dorothy's for Tamales in Hartsel and were greeted with the above words, and it was perfectly fitting.

Buddy searchin for big 'bows

Started to see a few more lake run cutthroat, no big boys though

This guy is a buckskin eater. He had thick mono coming out of his gut which we tried to clip.
Safe release for more happy days

We found a larger fish ( 22-24'') at the head of a riffle who we thought was spooked because of his quick dart in a different direction. However, as we watched, it became apparent that he was chasing smaller fish away from his "territory." After many patterns and flawless drifts with a nymph rig we decided to think what Landon Mayer would do... we put on some streamers, starting small. The fish paid no attention to the smaller streamers, so we put on a 3 inch intruder like pattern. Immediately the fish pursued the pattern and took a swipe at it. Overexcitement caused me to pull the fly right out of his mouth too early. So we waited 5 minutes and tried again, but he would not pursue, so we switched to a bushy 4.5 inch articulated tan double bunny pattern and again the fish chased, opened his mouth, and took the fly, but again he was not hooked. We never landed the fish but it was well worth it to see a 22"-24" fish try to kill a 5" streamer!!

Messy fly-bench
Some mini "intruder like" patterns
More Fresh Streamers

Shank: Tiemco 5262 size 4
Stinger: Kamakatsu Octopus  size 8
Flash: Opal Mylar
Underbody: dubbing loop tied  white arctic fox over purple UV Ice Dub
Wing: deep blue ostrich herl, purple burnt spey hackle, black blood quill marabou feathers
Shank Wrap: blue and pearl mini braid
Stinger tie in: 30 lb. dacron backing

Ed Ward created an amazing fly in the intruder. Traditionally it is a salmon or steelhead pattern, but I have no doubts that large aggressive trout would hit this pattern in the right colors and conditions. I have to say I have less than 10 attempts at tying these patterns, but it is a fair;y tricky, expensive, and time-consuming tie, but if I can make them look like Ward's it will be a staple in my streamer box.

Product Review/ Complaint: 

Nature Spirit's Lime Green Ostrich Plume out of the package looses its dye in one outing on the water and turns white!!! If you are tying long-lasting expensive Spey style flies, don't use Natures Spirit Lime Ostrich Plume

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