Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brent Boyd, Hook Fly Fishing, and State Records

After getting on the road at 4 am and the water by 8:30 am, we thought we would be the first on a particular stretch of the Taylor C&R, but to our surprise Brent Boyd was waist deep in the run. Brent Boyd is an avid Fly Fisherman who does very good stream reports for the Hook Flyfishing podcasts, to my knowledge he is not a guide, but gets on the water far more than most guides. Brent is Fishy! He gets into fish in all situations with relatively simple and efficient techniques, and is easily identifiable by his net and dark green jacket.

This 'bow is looking at the 26 red thread midge tucked in his mouth 

After getting into a few fish on the upper section we ran into Brent and he said to check out part of the lower section where he saw some very large fish eager to eat basic attractors.

this 'bow weighed 9 lbs and taped out at 26 inches

And Brent was right, we did find big fish, yet they were not so eager to eat basic attractors after Brent had his way with them. As well Brent told us of a 43'' rainbow that was landed at the Taylor a week before on a small leech pattern, a state record for sure!!

A big net with a deep bag sure comes in handy to get these large trout to the net quickly

By mid afternoon the wind picked up to gale force, but we persevered knowing the larger fish would feel more secure under wind bitten water.

taking in the beauty of this hen

Every larger fish we catch on the Taylor always has an assortment of jewelry either in its mouth or fouled on the fish's sides. The ones in the mouth are always new additions to my fly box!

This mug created a real ruckus for our team

Near 4pm I spotted a good sized fish actively feeding near the bottom of the C&R. For anyone who knows the C&R there is some very fast and dangerous water at the bottom of the public stretch, and I found this fish right above the first of the rapids. 

My first cast spooked the fish and after waiting a minute he was right back to his original spot. On my second drift the fish kicked over two feet to eat my mysis pattern. I was on one knee in the river within feet of the fish, so the take was clear as day. Immediately the fish started vigorous head shakes. My buddies hopped in the river to assist, and handed me the long 'hockey stick' net to land the fish before he headed into the rapids. Well, I had no leverage with the net extended and the fish headed down the rapids. I dropped the net into the water and pursued in chest deep water to get to shore and chase the fish down the rapids. Eventually I was able to land the fish 50 yards down, but in the process one buddy almost was swept into the rapids, and the other buddy was trying to find the net I let go of, which had disappeared in the rapids. We were all feeling the after effects of adrenaline and were mourning the loss of the hockey stick net. but as I started up the bank I saw a white shape, similar to a dead fish stationary, deep in the fast water. The white was actually the chrome 'bauer hockey' graphics on the stick and after roping me in I waded chest deep and got a hold on the stick with my feet. Net saved! Fish to the other net! and no one injured!! 


  1. I caught a fish today that was 10". LA county record.

  2. Haha, A trophy is what you make of it!


  4. Gorgeous fish. I just found your blog and you got a new follower

  5. Dustin's Fly Box, Thanks for the kind words! Hope our blog can continue to inform and entertain

  6. would you please mail my flies back to me?

    p.o. box 55523 Gunnison Colorado 81230

    I was by myself that day and couldn't get my wings to dry out...