Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mysis Gluttony

We decided to hit the pan, with the higher flows and the hope to find some of the toilet bowl pigs, in more catchable spots down in the flats.

Water pouring out of Ruedi (flows 357 cfs)

We did not see very many toads in the flats,  we didn't see that many fish in the flats period. I'm sure the fish were there, but the murky water was hard to spot fish in.


This one is more white (dead)

This mysis was almost an 1.5'' long

Gluttonous Brown. The black eyes are a prominent feature of the shrimp

Guess what fly he took

Craven's mysis

All in all it was a fun day. We didn't see any monsters but had our chances with a few 6-8 pounders. It was amazing to see fish gorging on the shrimp, and so we tried all the mysis patterns we had, and were able to get a good idea what patterns fish pick when there is an abundance of shrimp in the water.

And what was even cooler, was the the mysis pattern I have been tying recently out-fished all the other patterns, including Craven's (always effective on the pan) and Sand's Epoxy. I will post that pattern when I get a chance.


  1. Great fish guys! I am so jealous! I love the pan, but the crowds can be pretty bad...

  2. Jake,

    Lucky for us, high water and rainy weather kept the pan pretty empty, and even the days the river is busy, there are still big fish being overlooked!!

  3. Charlie-

    Sounds like it was a blast. I have only fished the river once for two days, and had a blast while doing it. I will hopefully be able to get up there soon, as well as down to the Taylor. Oh, and I sent you a message on facebook. Great blog, keep up the good work!




  5. Wes,

    thanks bud. I tried a few today. its pretty easy to make the ropy dubbing thin, however thicker is a whole different game

  6. Great pictures! Mysis anyone?

  7. Yeah. For sure. I'm experimenting with it - trying to get a better feel for how to incorporate a taper.

  8. We opted for the 11 Mile because of high water - looking at these pigs perhaps we made the wrong choice! The weather was less than favorable there as well.


  9. Stephanie,

    Don't let the photos fool you, the pan fished very tough, we probably should have saved some gas and gone to the canyon as well. Seeing the mysis was pretty sweet though

  10. Dang that brown was having a feast....really cool photos!!!

  11. e.m.b. nice blog btw. in regards to the brown, we don't know if that was one clump of mysis that got stuck in the dam and then was released, this brown's regurgitation upon getting hooked, or just his steady accumulation of fish twinkies.

  12. Hey thanks! :) About the brown -- any way, it's cool, especially if it's the fish twinkies!

  13. I would have liked an opportunity to fish for the pigs a bit further downstream - hence my comment it would have been nice to hit up there instead of 11 Mile. There are always so many people throwing god knows what into the toilet bowl hoping to pull out a big one. I'm not a big fan of fishing the bowl.

  14. Stephanie and Dustin,

    I agree, the toilet bowl can be like bobber fishing, and I won't fish it, unless its the only option, such as in high high winds, dirty dirty water, when the turbines get turned back on, or when flows are bumped. The reason is the fish all stack up in the current in the bowl in these conditions, and you can effectively sight-fish to them, and the fights are incredible. My Brother and I lost multiple 10 lb+ fish in the bowl on 4x when they turned the turbines back on this spring.

  15. Charlie,

    I'd still like to see your mysis pattern posted here or e-mailed to me at
    I can share some of mine as well :)


  16. Lynn, I will email you a picture and recipe of both that were working, give me a couple days and I'll shoot em your way