Friday, May 20, 2011

Cheesman Revenge

Fished Cheesman Canyon by myself this afternoon, to try to get some confidence after a severe skunking on the blue in Silverthorne the day before. We went to the blue hoping the high flows had pushed some of the larger fish from under the dam down into the first mile of public water. We didn't see any of these fish, dealt with heavy snow, bitter temperatures and high flows. Its almost JUNE!! 

 25'' bow landed in cheesman today

Cheesman was great with the fish having no problem chasing attractors, caddis pupa, and baetis nymphs.
About a month ago I lost a 26"+ fish down near wigwam club, and today I got revenge. Not the same fish but the fished taped in at 25" and 7 lbs. with a ridiculous battle on 4x

The big girl took this orange scud

This would have been a good photo, but the camera was more interested in the twig

The hen was definitely post-spawn, and was somewhat skinny for 25'', but put up a hell of  fight
Best I could do with a self-photo camera timer shot.


  1. That place has some beautiful fish... and oh the colors on some, are outta site!
    Well done!

  2. As always-Great Job! I got to go down and fish that section as well as deckers last weekend for my first time, and it was great! Here is the link to my post-

    Another awesome post...keep up the good work!

  3. Looks like you need a camera man. Court's getting soft now that he's a college student, woooo!

  4. Bigerrfish,

    Thanks as always, cheesman is a pretty sweet place


    I remember my first time fishing cheesman, I thought it was so cool I didn't leave 'till well after dark, and hiked three miles out on the top trail near the dam in pitch black, and thought for sure i was gonna be eaten by a mountain lion.


    you nailed that one on the head lol.

  5. We've all had that camera problem once or twice. Very nice post. Love the midge

  6. AYOTF,

    Thanks for the kind words

  7. Hey Charlie, Could I get your email? I have a few questions for you, but don't exactly want to take up time going back and forth with comments on your blog. It is regarding the whenever you could get me that would be great.
    Best Regards,

  8. Hey man, I just came discovered your blog the other day and noticed that we fished some similar water. I love any fishing websites that can distract me during classes, especially ones from familiar water. Thought you might want to check mine out, Hope you enjoy and maybe I'll catch ya in cheesman sometime, Danny

  9. Danny,

    Awesome website and blog, and we definitely do tread the same banks. I'm sure we'll run into each other on one of these awesome rivers

  10. This Cheeseman place is really something, eh? The bow has the big head, little body thing going on. She really spent some energy this year making that next generation. Great shots for going at this solo. That super impresses me!


  11. Stephanie, Cheesman is definitely a special place, I was lucky at least 1 photo turned out ok. Its amazing how much egg weight hens can put on. Multiple times this spring I have caught the same fish more than once, and at one point I caught a female at deckers who went from 6.5 lbs to 4 pounds in two weeks from losing eggs.