Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spinney Mountain Circus

We had heard good things about the Dream Stream, specifically an influx of medium sized summer browns, so we had to investigate.

All the Essentials

As we pulled up to the river, all three lots above the bridge were almost completely full!! As full as  it normally is come early october. Including white passenger vans with anglers pouring out. The barns section was dotted with Anglers, so we headed above the tressels and sighted to some 14-17" rainbows and cutthroat. It took a good while to find something they would take, but eventually the ticket became a green scud.

We covered a lot of water, but really struggled finding any Browns, most likely any that are in the system were hiding under rocks, due to the ridiculous crowds. If the crowds continue many of these lake fish will become ghosts.

Eventually we did sneak up on a 19" Brown and it took a caddis larvae.

And then came the wind and rain, so we took the opportunity for a quick nap, and then headed down to the mouth to chase some carp.

Unfortunately every hooked carp got free, but boy were there some intense runs

These carp are amazing...You can only see them well with pure sun above, they are extremely spooky, and only take perfect drifts. I had a very large carp snap 2x easily on his first bull rush.

So the word on the Dream Stream: Undecided, if there are large numbers of browns in the system, they are hiding, there is pretty productive nymphing right now overall.


  1. You note of the crowds will keep me away from the Dream Stream. It just isn't worth it to me. Glad you found one of those hiding beauties - great photo.


  2. Yea the crowds are discouraging, hopefully as the runoff cools off on the rest of the rivers around the state, the dream will quiet down back to only 1 or 2 lots full...