Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Runoff Blues

I haven't posted in a few weeks, and its not from a lack of fishing, but more so a lack of really productive fishing.

1. We looked for pike at both Elevenmile Reservoir, and Taylor Park Reservoir, and didn't find any at either place. (locals say its just a little early)

2. The flows were dropped to 500 cfs on the Taylor, so we fished in tea colored water. The fishing numbers-wise was outstanding, but we didn't see a fish over 22-23 inches. (all the big fish are in the overflow section by the spillway, we looked at them with binoculars from the road above).

3. We fished the mouth of the Dream Stream for Carp, had a number of them hooked, but didn't land a single one.

4. We fished Elevenmile Canyon, and had some fun with the cooky cutter 10-18 inch fish there.

5. The Frying Pan looks promising, but haven't found the time to make the drive

But everyday we left the water a little unsatisfied, I would attribute it to missing the "Spring Hunt. " That is the stalking of a particular big crafty fish...

So now that we are at a time of transition, what's on the horizon?

1. Pike!!
2. Summer run lake fish in the dream stream (there are always a few pushing 24'')
Typical 20'' (humpy) found on the Dream Stream in the Summer

3. Summer fishing on the Taylor (and yes Cottonwood Pass is open, just barely).

Yes, that is a goldfish aquarium net

4. Midnight mousing in Badger Basin.
Oldie but a goodie, 2005 nighttime mousing and streamer fishing in Badger Basin (for some reason I thought it was ok to hold a trout like a large mouth bass)

5. Chasing Green Drakes somewhere, (Jurassic Park, Middle Fork of S. Platte, Yampa, the Encampment)

6. PMD's!!

"Parachute Adams" season on the middle fork of the South Platte: this season coincides beautifully with mosquito season


  1. What size parachute adams do you normally fish?

  2. You would hang your head at all the hardware I've been throwing for Kings up here. We'll get you in the books for Aug. I want to see some more carp. Stay well brother

  3. Dustin's fly box,

    For the summer, 10-12's for drakes, 16-18's for pmd's, ped's, baetis, red quills, and any other mayfly around that size.

  4. Ben, I wouldn't hang my head, you know that. Tight line is a tight line. I'd post some more carp if they'd stay on the damn hook. Have a hell of a season up there!! BTW you should see some of these monstrosities of pike flies i've been putting together.