Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall color

This is something I haven't experienced very often

This 'bow went for an articulated egg sucking leech, caught me completely by surprise

This hitchhiker also caught me by surprise

And of course the Fall Color


  1. Fall can produce some awesome colors !

  2. way nice bro... way nice! Yo, those white hairs on that piller... make ya really itchy..

  3. Yea, i was wondering about the white hairs, they looked sketchy...

  4. Last week I was fishing in Colorado with our mutual friend Bent Boyd. Brent said there was a possibility you would join us on friday while fishing the Dream. Being a huge fan of your Trout Pursuit blog, I was looking forward to meeting you. Living in Houston, TX., I find myself often fishing vicariously through your posts. You are not only a good writer, you are also a good photographer. It is a delight to see both!


    Joe Nicklo

    P.S. I would enjoy exchanging e-mail with you. My address is

  5. Joe, Unfortunately I had to work late on the Friday. I actually got to fish for a couple hours this afternoon with Brent on the Dream. He is definitely one of the most talented fisherman I have met (At times I think he is at fish whispering status). In the last year or so its always funny when Brent tells me he is ripping it up fishing your patterns, and unless I run into him, I never know what they look like. Brent was kind enough to give me a couple glitter midges to try out today. How was your trip to the dream? Thank you for the compliments.