Friday, December 16, 2011

Shot Glass Preview

Shea Gunkel's new series of flies is (in my opinion) a spin off of his 'Splatte' series of flies. I was given a handful to fish, but they are so ascetically pleasing that I figured I'd show them off even before I fished them, and then in the next few weeks fish them hard.

One of the interesting traits about these flies is that they are all tied on a 2499 style hook: creating a larger hook gap, something Shea has been experimenting with lately. The bead in the middle of the thorax makes this fly anatomically similar to the profile of most mayfly nymphs. As well switching between tungsten, brass, and plastic beads gives the fly its versatility.

Thanks Shea for the Samples! Here is a link to Shea's Blog where you can learn far more about his flies.


  1. dang those look sweet-- I'll be curious to know how those hooks work out though. Personally I switched to the 2488 for the 18s to 22's after losing a lot of fish on the 2499s.

    That said I still use them in 14s and up and find them particularly good for anything that I'm going to swing at the end of a drift-- with the sproat bend they hook themselves.

  2. Brian Exactly, He made the switch because the bead in the thorax cuts down on the hook gap. Personally I have not had a problem ever unbuttoning on fish on 2488's or even 200R's which have an even smaller hook gap, and even prefer 2487 in 22-26 because they force me not to crowd the head, and have not had a problem hooking fish, however I have lost a bunch of fish on sproat style stinger hooks on streamers...

  3. Least I could do, and bored at work...Had to post them before I forget what they look like, after some fish chew them up, thanks again.

  4. Dang those looks sick, thats also crazy that we were both in Cheesman the other day. We should fish together sometime, whats your email address?