Sunday, December 25, 2011

Stocking Stuffers

Christmas in my family is pretty low key, and the last couple years the only steadfast tradition has been fishing the Pan on December 24th. This year it was the 23rd and the 24th. We were blessed with chilly temps and few anglers, which resulted in a number of fish my brother referred to as "stocking stuffers"

My brother's first fish on his new stick, five minutes into using it (9'6'' 6 wt. fighting butt sage the 'one')

and another buck for the 'one'

I know...more grip and grins

From last week, your typical trout habitat

We made a pit spot on Christmas in Silverhorne, and decided to walk the river near the outlets looking for fish. We hooked a few, but the last one we hooked caused some major problems since neither of us had waders on, and the fish wanted oh so badly to make it downstream, we had to use some old tricks to coax him back upstream. Again, I can't say enough about the Sage 6 weight of my brother's. The stick is a wand: supple tip and major backbone, and so much lighter than my 8'6'' 5 weight.


  1. Right on bro... that sounds like a great way to spend that day... I fished the Tay c&r the last two Dec 24th's missed out this year but as I hear it, a human would have barly survived that day anyhow.

    Smokin group of photos Charlie!

  2. Josh, If it was as cold as it was on the pan, I can't even imagine the Taylor. The Pan was uncomfortable to say the least. I was even thinking that I was a little nuts when my hands were tingling for the next two nights.

  3. You are a beast Charlie. Would you say the Sage is worth the money?

  4. Nice fish! Cold is only fun if you learn to play in it! If this is any indication of what you will experience next year, plan on "walking the dog" a lot. Happy New , Charlie!

  5. Jake, I don't know if it is worth the money, but it is definitely the best rod I have ever casted in many regards (accuracy, lightest, easiest to mend, control of fish, easiest to roll cast, etc.)

    Joe, thanks as always!

  6. Damn dude, you sure kill it on the Pan!
    Sounds like a fun little holiday tradition-i wish someone else in my family fished, the last person I took with me spent the day skipping rocks

  7. Thanks Shea!

    Danny, The key to the pan (or so I think) is fishing it when its not too crowded, so you can find some decent fish, not in the toilet bowl, before they are spooked back into the bowl or the deep corner run. The fish are def not as picky as the Taylor.

    And I have definitely taken people/family members who have sat in the car, been in one big tangle all day, or may have even tried to skip rocks haha, I'm just lucky my brother loves it and has a lot of skill. Problem is during the winter he can only fish a couple times.