Friday, March 16, 2012

Bad day turned good

So we headed out to our favorite river and got to the water at 7am. We were surprised to see another couple trucks there. There was a beautiful sunrise. As we approached the water both spots we wanted to fish were taken. Now I have gotten to fish both of them in the last week, so for me it wasn't a big deal, but my brother has not. So we fished another run, and eventually as the lower river filled up, we sat down near the hole we wanted to fish and waited patiently for the two guys fishing there to move on, well we waited from 745 am until 11 am. Thats when I started fishing about 12 yards above the two guys, which on this river during this time of year is how it works, and isn't really that big of a deal.  Well they found offense to it, and basically told me to hit the road, and that they would be fishing there for the entire day. So we left and started walking up the river to find new water, and Shea Gunkel and a couple of his buddies including royal gorge angler's head guide Clint Werthman (unreal guys) had watched it all go down, and said don't worry about it. Well eventually around 3 pm the guys abandoned that run, after telling us they had been there since 430 am! (I guess it didn't matter what time we got to the river). And the 5 of us shared the hole for the next couple hours. Somehow the fish were still eager to eat, and I got to witness the skill of the guys as they absolutely slayed. Court also hooked into three very solid fish, and unfortunately didn't get to land any of them, but he's saving up. As we fished that hole we also ran into another great angler and friend Brent Boyd, and got to catch up with him. So we spent the afternoon in 50-60 degree weather with 6-7 great guys, watching them cast perfect drifts, and hook into many fish mainly on Shea Gunkel's flies (maybe a few huevos as well).

-Thanks guys for turning that day around.

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  1. Haha great story, and glad to hear the wait was worth it!
    I might need to take another trip to the dream