Sunday, November 27, 2011

The CO and the PAN

I headed to the Frying Pan to meet a buddy to continue the transition back to winter sight-nymphing. I arrived at the river at 12:30 pm and walked the road trying to spot fish. I saw multiple good sized fish (over 4 lbs.), but they all had anglers fishing those areas. Luckily the anglers were fishing blind and their drifts were not dead enough to trick any of the larger fish. One fish in particular, I estimated at around 8 lbs. and found it worth watching and waiting for. Eventually the angler fishing that riffle moved on, and there sat the pig. After I cycled through a couple flies, the fish took one, and a solid battle ensued. I usually overestimate weight on fish I see in the water, but this time I definitely underestimated.

just under 12 lbs. at 24.5 inches "obese maybe?"

...and not hooked in the bowl either

 Nicky searchin' the bowl as we waited for the spots we really wanted to fish

 This is why I carry a big net

I fished the C-O in Silt the next day: I had a bunch of takes swinging streamers, but only 2 fish landed.

The river is so big that figuring out how to fish it was the hardest part


  1. Charlie, you never cease to amaze me. Those are some incredible fish man, almost unreal the colors on those things. What fly is that if you don't mind me asking?

  2. Thanks Jake, I was lucky to find the fish not spooked.

  3. Well done there Charlie!... Done good...

    Looks like a party at the disco...
    again Great fish!

  4. Josh, I love it (Disco). Great term, The fish wore their bright colors, and the anglers made their way to the crowded dance floor. I can take fishing a spot like that in small doses, and really enjoy it when its the middle of the winter and there are few other viable fishing options. and the size of the fish doesn't hurt either.

  5. Great fish man, i need to make a trip up to the pan sometime soon.

  6. Danny, Thanks! this time of year is definitely my favorite time to fish the pan, there are rewards, and not too many people! Def make a trip there