Saturday, November 5, 2011

Steelheading Colorado Style

With a couple cold mediocre days on the Dream Stream, and a skunking on the Blue, I needed a change of pace. As my fishing partner Wes said we needed a chill day: meaning no set departure time, or even premeditated destination.

High of 23 degrees. If you look closely the egg is tucked in Mr. Bow's mouth

With only animal prints in front of me I thought it would be an epic day: fail
The day resulted in a cracked net (no idea how) and non-functional boots

So where did we choose for our 'chill day'? Well my criteria was above 32 degrees and a chance to swing streamers on the switch rod. So Court, Wes and I  departed for the Ark at about 11:40 am. The water was murky and the wind was howling, but an olive Sculpzilla pulled in about a half a dozen fish, with the two biggest weighing 6 pounds and 6 3/4 pounds! A 22'' Bow rocked my 7 weight switch, I can't imagine what a real steelhead could do.

Looks like a Steelie to me

I think all of us could use a few more days like this before winter really sets in.


  1. Wow buddy, real nice group of fish photos.
    I'm interested in the egg in the mouth.. Was it yours or was it real?

    On the net... They crack because they are made in a climate that has more moisture... bring them to Co and they shrink and crack. Nets made here in Colorado dont do that but only if the builder is aware of it and doesnt import the wood...
    if you get a sec.. Check out Gold Metal Nets at this address
    Tell em who sent ya!

  2. That first bow was a beauty and the cutts are always gorgeous. Nice trip! Sorry about the gear fail.

  3. Josh, Great insight on the net. It was made by a close friend and Colorado builder, but he does import the wood. My first guess was it was due to the constant temp changes the net goes through, and the marine varnish and glues used couldn't handle it, but I would buy the moisture argument even more. Thanks for the link though. On the egg front, it is mine, I might be ridiculed since it is a type of bead egg... but its a glass bead from a bead shop here in the springs, I like the glass since it sinks quickly and looks so real. I super glue it, then epoxy it about 1/2" -3/4'' above a barbless size 14 or 16 hook on a pre cut piece of tippet. Originally we bought the glass beads to go on the joints of our articulated streamers, but my bro told me they look way too much like trout eggs, so we tried, and they work.

  4. Nice to see you back posting again. Nice fish!

  5. That fly is something I need to try and tie

  6. Dustin, I would say that fly is now my new favorite streamers for many many reasons. Go for it!

    Joe, I am trying to get back on the posting train, its coming along slowly.