Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give thanks for fishing with my brother

Today is thanksgiving, and I got the chance to go fishing with my brother. I am thankful for that. We went to Deckers and fished very low flows, and had a blast. The fish were cooperative but it was hard to really want to get back into technical nymphing. We caught most of the fish on a size 26 midge, and a couple on a size 24. Below are a few photos of empty Deckers, and a couple from a return trip to Pueblo.

Off to the Pan and the Colorado tomorrow!

Happy Turkey Day to all you fisherpeople out there


  1. RIght on! hope you guys hung em!... happy turkey day to you too.

  2. First time to see that beautiful pig rainbow. Very nice fish! I leave for Arkansas on Tuesday where I will join Brent for a week of brown.


  3. Josh,

    we did pretty well. Hope you got a chance to get on the water this weekend, preferably with your family.


    That trip down there will be incredible. I'd love to (must) see some pics! That 6 lb male I caught later in the day on the pan was my first fish on the glitter midge. However when I netted it, the fly came out of his mouth. I was super-bummed that I couldn't get a pic of the fly in his mouth!

  4. Charlie,

    Thanks for the report. The HMG Glitter Midge has been successfully fished on many Colorado and Arkansas streams and rivers. And, has been dubbed by several knowledgeable/experienced fishermen as the best tail-water midge available. Although a ridiculous simple fly constructed with hot melt glue, the HMG Glitter Midge is being considered by Rainy's Flies for 2013.