Monday, April 30, 2012

A month's worth of stuff

 Dungeons (Shea thanks for the motivation)

This is a ledge in Cheesman my brother slipped off and luckily didn't die. Its 30 feet above the water. Those are his slip marks. He ended up with a concussion, and had to walk out 4 miles soaked and delirious. Moral of this story, there is no need to make fly fishing dangerous or extreme, put studs in your boots, no fish (even a dirty thirty) is worth getting injured for, and try not to fish Cheesman alone.

 Yes this fish was shimmering green. I have never seen a rainbow colored like this

 Elevenmile Reservoir scud. Carpies love these (Tying this on a Gama C12U might make sense...)
 Hopper action In April. I think they think its one of those obnoxious moths
My mom rippin lips on the ark

 Protein Shake with newest adjustments
Shea's Splatte Caddis Roller, and a Splatte inspired Drake nymph


  1. you've been busy. amen to studs - give my best to your brother, I know his pain.

  2. and we've got a trip to plan. by my calculations I'm up to 5,810 miles, 11 states, 2 provinces, 1 territory, and three coasts.

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  3. Yes we do, just ordered an 8 wt. Spey

  4. Charlie ... Stunning fish, and images as always ~ The image of your brothers fall is a great lesson for us all, so glad he had you with to navigate his way home!

    1. Jim,

      I have taken many risks, and had a few close calls in Cheesman, for absolutely no reason, sometimes because I didn't want to back track 50 yards, and then trying to scale boulders with wet boots. Those days are definitely over, It was real scary seeing him fall, and the craziest part was he was holding his Sage "One" rod and never let it hit anything during the entire fall... Thanks as always