Saturday, February 12, 2011

Deckers again!

Deckers (152 cfs) 2.12.11

(Western Green Drake or Flav (little drake))

This is the first Drunella (grandis, doddsii, or flavilinea) nymph I have picked up from the Deckers area. He was clinging to a stick: reinforcing the practicality of using a larger mayfly nymph as an attractor even during the winter.

This female 'bow was the prize of the day (6 lbs.)

Most of the fish taken were on pat's rubberlegs or modified pat's rubberlegs, and many of the takes were very aggressive.

a second serving for this guy

This is a trout I lost earlier in the day. Luckily he took the Pat's rubberlegs again two hours later. It shows that many times trout won't get taste averted away from certain flies.

The trout were cooperative at Deckers, but the crowds are increasing as well. Time to start looking for trophy migratory trout somewhere else...

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