Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time for a walk

Charlie Meyers SWA (45.2 cfs)

A wily old South Platte veteran said this to me last week, "Its about the time to go on a long walk, and you might just find one..." Well I didn't find the one but I did find some nice lake fish

Saw the red gill plate of this fish in the bottom of a pool at the tailout of a riffle

The fish took the pink flexi-floss worm

This Snake River Cutthroat was easily seen in the bottom of the run by its overall reddish coloration

Peacock head buckskin

This fly is a standby spring run fish catcher for Angler's Covey guide Steve Gossage. He fishes it in a 22 until the fish are really running, and then he drops to a size 18 or 20

Hook: Tiemco 101
Thread: Black 8/0 UNI
Tail: Brown hackel fibers
Body: Buckskin, Chamois, or Buckskin colored microtubing
Thorax: Dubbed in black superfine, or just black thread
Bead: Xtra small Blue Peacock Bead

experimentation with pearl beads 

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