Saturday, February 5, 2011


Jaime with a Deckers' toad

Saturday February 5th, 

We made the quick trip to Deckers (150 cfs) following the coldest week of the year so far, and the fish were cooperative. 

Large stonefly attractors (Pat's Rubberlegs, Prince Nymphs,...) were working well, and the assortment of the typical size 22-26 midges (any of Pat Dorsey's collection, and the BH Brassie).

In the "Aquarium"

There were an abundance of 18-22 inch fish in one specific run. A good "dead swing" (Landon Mayer technique) using no indicator was by far the most successful drift. 

I believe for pressured fish, taking off the indicator has many advantages:

1) Many fish are conditioned to indicators and won't feed if they see one repeatedly.

2) Indicators suspend the flies vertically in the water column with the fly's profile head up and tail down, if you remove the indicator the flies have a more horizontal orientation and give the fish a different look.

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