Friday, February 25, 2011

Golden Stonefly lesson

Stonefly is the common name for the order Plecoptera.

The sizes of these insects range from 6 mm to 50 mm in length (excluding antennae and tail filaments) Golden Stoneflies usually don’t exceed 38 mm.

Stoneflies are usually identifiable by their two tail filaments, paired claws on each of the six thoracic leg, and two distinctive wing pads on their second and third thoracic appendages

    • Stage one: an egg
    • Stage two:  2-3 years in a nymphal stage, this stage usually has 10-20 instar stages. 
      • At end of nymphal stage the nymph will crawl out of water on rocks wood, banks or abutments to molt into a winged adult. The final molt takes 5-10 minutes.
    • Stage three: Adult stage,  They then move to stream side vegetation to wait for the exoskeleton to harden. Adult live 1-4 weeks. As adults they are sexually mature. and will seek a mate
      • After the female has a clutch of fertilized eggs, she will oviposite them in the water , but dipping her abdomen into the current.

underbelly of a golden stone

Here a stonefly molts on a stream-side rock

Some Good Patterns to use to mimic golden stoneflies:

Nymphs: Pat's Rubberlegs, Hare's Ears, Prince Nymphs, 20-inchers, Barr's Tungstone,...

Adults: Stimulators, Madam X, Sofa Pillows, Amy's Ant, ...

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  1. Hey, I can always use a bug lesson!! Nice graphics. I love throwing golden stones.